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Why clean moss & lichen from your terracotta or slate roof?

The toughest of the two villains in this story are the lichens. Moss is fluffy and easily killed off by a chemical or scraped off your roof. However lichens really hang on. Contrary to some beliefs the lichens don’t do any damage to the tiles themselves BUT if they get dense like the picture below they will definitely cause leaks if they grow in the gap between the roof tiles of a terra cotta roof. This dense growth will inhibit your roof from clearing heavy storm water and over the years will definitely cause damage to the roof timbers. It could be that your roof insulation is soaking up the small leaks before any stains are evident on your ceiling. If we do roof cleaning and gutter cleaning in Melbourne as part of a full roof restoration project then you might want to consider a full roof restoration Melbourne by Everything Roofing.

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roof moss infestation
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Slate roofs are even more prone to damage from lichen growth as the lichens accumulate where the slates overlap and moisture can get into the roof timbers easily.