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Roof Cleaning Melbourne for Moss and Lichen Removal

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Roof cleaning, moss and lichen removal in Melbourne for terra cotta tiles. We can use high pressure cleaning OR Moss and Lichen Cleaning with an ECO friendly product, for all Melbourne Suburbs.
Moss Removal...Lichen Removal...Dirt Pollution and Grime removal the ECO-Friendly Way - If your preference is to save water by not pressure cleaning then read on! If you want roof high pressure water cleaning we can do that for you as well
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How we clean your roof

We can clean your roof by removing grime, roof moss and lichen using products that are safe for people, pets and plants.
This roof cleaning process does not use harsh chemicals that are corrosive to your spoutings and can stain the exterior paintwork of your home.
Moss and lichen growing on roofs and on old buildings is sometimes seen as conservation but the invasive nature of the root systems of this plant material can be very damaging to the roof and building fabric.
Our application is low pressure therefore cleans and restores old terracotta or slate tiled roofs without causing any physical damage.
We have put a great deal of thought into how best to apply our products and in some cases we don't even have to walk on your roof.
If your roof is covered in grime, moss and lichen it can ruin the street appeal of your property.
Roof cleaning must be one of the smartest things you as a homeowner can do to protect your investment. So in the end your roof looks great and a well maintained home reflects well on you the owner. Exterior house washing Melbourne carried out by us also - get everything cleaned at once!

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Roof Moss and Lichen Cleaning with Bio Degradable Products

We use eco friendly bio degradable products to remove your roof moss and lichen.
This means that all the products we use are kind to the environment, your pets, and your home and specially formulated for lichen, moss and dirt removal. Our products are slow acting so keep on working for up to 12 months
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Roof Cleaning for Terra cotta tiles - How Safe are our Products?

We DO NOT use harsh chemicals that can damage your gutters, downpipes and flashings increasing the rate of corrosion.

Our Roof Cleaning Saves Water over fast methods
Traditional high pressure roof cleaning uses a lot of water to clean the moss and lichen in one go on an average roof, even then it can leave bits of it behind. We only use about 100 litres on an average house.
Even though we are not currently in drought conditions in Melbourne, we feel that using high volumes of water is a waste of a precious resource. Let our product and nature working together take their time and do the job for you gradually and more thoroughly.
If you need pressure cleaning Melbourne domestic or commercial for driveways, underground carparks, swimming pool surrounds, tennis courts we can help.